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Singapore – 17.1. – 19.1.

As there are a couple of days to cover I will do it very quick. Singapore is anyhow not so important.

As there are a couple of days to cover I will do it very quick. Singapore is anyhow not so important.

Quickie 1 – Early morning scene
I am somehow struggling with a strange jet lag. I woke up at 04:30 local time (something like 22:30 in good old Europe). As there was definitely no way of getting back to sleep I decided to discover the city. A quick shower and breakfast and out at 5:30!
Singapore is not really a small city, but at this time it was just dead. The biggest streets – totally empty. So I went up north passing an Indian temple. Some strange music caught my attention: two guys on the ground. One playing drums, the other trumpet. Interestingly, there was more life in the temple than expected. At the end of the temple a small room, the door covered with a very nice curtain. As I´ve been watching the scene from the distance as the music got louder, the curtain opens and an old man, maybe 70 came out wearing nothing than a towel. His hair as white as it could get and as you might imagine in the morning not well styled – A proper man and a real character. So the guy walks down the little stairs from his room. Very slowly, not because he couldn´t more like the queen at a parade. So he was crossing the hall and taking the stairs down to the basement.

As the guy was gone the music got a bit quieter. Nothing happened for like 5 minutes. The music still continues and as the guy came back got louder again. Same procedure but backward. Guy from left, crossing the hall and back to his room. Curtain closed – music stopped.

Interesting to watch, but do the do this every time he leaves the room?
What if he gets a good old cystitis (Dank Leo auch bekannt als Blasenentzuendung)?

Quickie 2 – Shopping in Singapore
Somehow I had the idea that shopping is something I should do in Singapore. So I left some items open to be bought in Asia. As there where some sneaker, memory cards and an battery. After seeing several sport shops – same procedure as in Thailand. You get this a special look as you ask for a 13. ‚Straight to your face: Yes as you might imagine I am a bit taller than you, maybe double your size and I know my size for while now‘

Next is that the will tell you to check in the store if they have any in this size. And right after the pretend to leave you see this secret look down to your feet.

In this moment you can see in his face they don´t have any and will never understand that normal people have feet any bigger then 12.

What else: Night photo session +++ Nice sun raise at the river +++ Sightseeing in flip flops +++ more shopping +++ 18.1. Airport +++ Singapore -> Auckland +++ 19.1. 11:30 +++ Immigration +++ Auckland -> Christchurch +++ 19.1. 16:00 +++ Taxi -> Hostel +++ Dead @ 21:00 (but in NZ 🙂

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